Ranking the New York Yankees' Biggest World Series Failures

Failure is an inevitable part of success, which holds true even for MLB’s most valuable team, the New York Yankees. Here’s a list of 5 of the New York Yankees’ biggest World Series failures.

#5 1922 World Series

Even with a player like Babe Ruth on their team, the Yankees took a while to kick-start their legacy as John McGraw and the New York Giants stood in the way of their win.

#4 1955 World Series

After a series of wins against the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Yankees’ winning streak finally broke in the 1955 World Series as they lost 0-2.

#3 2001 World Series

A memorable one for the Arizona Diamondbacks was a rather heartbreaking turn of events for the Yankees when Mariano’s blunder turned a 2-1 Yankee lead into a 3-2 deficit.

#2 1964 World Series

Bob Gibson single-handedly ended the Yankee reign in the 1964 World Series, where he struck out 22 Yankees in Games 5 and 7.

#1 1960 World Series

This game was full of jaw-dropping moments, one of them being Bill Mazeroski’s home run against the Yankees. What made it so special was that this was the only time a Game Seven ended on a homer.

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