Eddie Alvarez's top 5 greatest moments in his career

Eddie Alvarez has fought many champions in various promotions. He is one of the toughest lightweight in MMA. So, let's take a look at some of his greatest highlights of his MMA career.


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Eddie Alvarez vs
Dustin Poirier

Poirier was dominating Alvarez in the fight. Alvarez being a very tough fighter, he immediately turned the tide of the fight. The fight was so evenly matched that it resulted in a draw.

 Eddie Alvarez vs
Michael Chandler 2

 Alvarez was caught with a powerful uppercut by Chandler, against all odds the battered Alvarez sprung out of it, took top position and went on to win the round and the fight by a razor-thin decision.

Eddie Alvarez vs
Anthony Pettis

Alvarez’s spectacular win over the Milwaukee fighter saw him catapult himself to a title shot, one he would take full advantage of.

Alvarez becomes the
UFC Lightweight Champion

Alvarez continued to fire shots, with the belt almost in reach and despite not knocking Rafael dos Santos on his back, the ref had seen enough, halting the bout and declaring Alvarez the new champion.

Eddie Alvarez becomes Bellator lightweight Champion

Alvarez fought and defeated Toby Imada, via a rear naked choke submission early in the second round, to become Bellator's first ever lightweight champion.

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