Here's how the face of boxing canelo alvarez spends his millions 

Canelo alvarez is without a doubt the biggest draw in boxing right now. which means that the mexican superstar can afford the finer things in life. let us take a look at how canelo spends his money

Canelo is an avid watch collector and owns multiple stunning pieces. This particular Patek Philippe 5980/1R costs a whopping $180,000


The Four division champion is always dressed well. This particular Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie reportedly costs $10,000


The Mexican fighter frequently posts photos of himself with supercars. However, the crown jewel in his collection is a blue Bugatti Chiron. It costs a whopping $3 Million.


Canelo is extremely private and not much is know about where he stays. However, a mansion he sold in California was reportedly purchased by him for $6 Million.


Canelo reportedly owns a Pitbull Terrier named queen that set him back a mind-boggling $150,000


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