Jon Jones , Georges St-Pierre, and other fights with the most title fights to their name in the UFC

As the saying goes it is easy to get to the top but it is harder to stay there. The same applies for UFC Champions. Becoming a champion is tough but staying at the top is tougher. However, a few fighters have managed to do it multiple times. Here are the fighters with the most title fight wins in the UFC 


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Jon Jones-14 

Light heavyweight GOAT, Jon Jones has been in 14 title fights and has always come out victorious. 

Georges-St Pierre 

Welterweight GOAT, 'GSP' has been in 13 title fights. Though he lost the belt early on, he regained it a defended it multiple times at 170-pounds. 

Demetrious Johnson-12 

Flyweight GOAT Demetrious Johson has been in a record 12 title fights in his career and has more often than not come out on top. 

Anderson Silva-11 

Silva won the Middleweight belt and then went on a record-breaking run defending the belt multiple times. 11 to be precise. 

Matt Hughes- 9 

Welterweight great Matt Hughes regained the belt multiple times after losing it and defended it multiple times as well.

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