Top 5 Most Crazy Flying Finishes in the history of UFC

Whether it's a vicious flying knee or a brutal superman punch, here, we take a look at the top 5 most crazy flying finishes in the history of UFC.


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Spencer Fisher vs
Matt Wiman

Spencer Fisher landed a vicious flying knee that knocked out Matt Wiman and won this fight via KO in the second round.

BJ Penn vs
Sean Sherk

BJ Penn won this fight via TKO in the last few seconds of the third round after landing a ferocious flying knee just before the bell.

Travis Browne vs
Stefan Struve

It only took 04:11 minutes for Browne to land a brutal superman punch and win this fight via KO in the first round.

Carlos Condit vs
Dong Hyun Kim

Condit won this fight via TKO in just 02:58 minutes of the first round by landing a harsh flying knee and then continued punching Kim until the referee stopped the fight.

Jorge Masvidal vs
Ben Askren

The world famous fastest knockout in the history of UFC. 'Gamebred' landed a murderous flying knee and won this fight in just 5 seconds of the first round.

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