From Paying Parent’s Debt To Buying A Condo: Here’s How Georges St-Pierre Spent His First $1 Million

Published 04/28/2021, 10:22 AM EDT

Georges St-Pierre, the no. 1 pick for MMA GOAT, had earned an enormous amount of money during his MMA career in the UFC. Usually, every fighter indulges in luxury upon receiving their first million. Georges St-Pierre’s case is a little different from other fighters. Want to know why?


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Recently, in an interview with GQ Sports, Georges St-Pierre shared the answer to this question. St-Pierre broke down his every expense, including what and whom he spent on his first $1 Million.

Georges St-Pierre paid his parent’s debts


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St-Pierre’s parents supported him for his MMA career. St-Pierre wanted to thank his parents for doing everything they could since he was a child. 

The first thing St-Pierre spent his money on was for paying all of his parents’ debt. After St-Pierre’s parents found out about this, his mom called with his dad on the line crying and said, “That’s your money. We don’t need your help!”

St-Pierre spent $50,000 in paying all the debt his parents had. He considers this as the most beautiful and one of the best days of his life.

Bought Cars for his parents and himself

The cars that his parents had would break down regularly. St-Pierre bought his parents two Japanese cars from Toyota, worth $40,000. His parents didn’t want to accept this gift from him, but St-Pierre forced them to take it. 


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St-Pierre also had a similar situation with the car that he owned. So he also bought a car for himself. He loves SUVs, so he bought a Nissan Xterra worth $20,000 for himself. 

To explain why, St-Pierre said – “I needed something safe, and I always love SUV because in Montreal there’s a lot of snowstorms. I also felt that in an SUV, you are normally higher, so it’s safer. My biggest fear is to get into a car crash and not being able to do what I love to do in my life”.

Spent on family and friends

It’s clear by now that Georges St-Pierre cherishes his family. His sister wanted to pursue her education and get a master’s degree. So, St-Pierre spent $10,000 to make her sister’s dreams come true. St-Pierre also spent another $50,000 on gifts and to help his family to pursue their dreams.

On helping his friends financially, St-Pierre said, “This $30,000 for all the friends that I helped who told me that they would pay me back, but they never did.”


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Georges St-Pierre: Expenses while traveling for his training

St-Pierre traveled a lot around the world to learn new skills for his MMA career. He trained in many parts of the world to learn various combat sports. In doing so, St-Pierre had to spend a good chunk of money.

St-Pierre went to Thailand to perfect his Muay Thai. He went to Brazil and New York to learn new skills for his Jiu-Jitsu and went to Los Angeles to train under the well-known boxing coach Freddie Roach. 


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While breaking down his expenses on traveling, St-Pierre said, “When I say traveling, I mean about the training, the classes, the food, the airplane, the hotels.”

St-Pierre spent $200,000 of his first $1 Million on just his traveling for training.

Jacuzzi, Ice Bath, Condo, and Dinosaur Fossils

To be the best in his MMA career, St-Pierre had to go through vigorous and harsh training. After going through hard training sessions, any athlete, in general, is recommended to take an ice bath to help their body recover. 

So to help his body recuperate, St-Pierre bought a Jacuzzi and an Ice Bath, for which he spent $20,000.

Then, ‘GSP’ spent $500,000 to buy a Condo for himself. However, the Condo that he bought needed a renovation. So, ‘GSP’ spent another $100,000 on the renovation.


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St-Pierre loves to collect Dinosaurs fossils. Explain his love for fossils, he said, “I am really into dinosaur fossils. I love paleontology….. If I would not have been a fighter, I would have been a paleontologist.”

‘GSP’ spent $20,000 on buying several fossils, including a Megalodon tooth and a Mosasaurus jaw.


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Clearly, GSP loves to indulge his family and friends, but does not hesitate to spend on some luxuries himself. Surely, the GOAT is doing as great in the financial aspect of his life as he did in his MMA career.


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