Chase Elliott Goes Against Dale Earnhardt Jr and Bubba Wallace as He Settles an Age-Old Debate

Racecar drivers undergo intense physical and mental training to be able to compete and get paid for it eventually. They do count as professional athletes. But on the other hand, as their performance is based on their vehicles and many other factors, many, including NASCAR driver Chase Elliott, believe that they cannot be clubbed under the umbrella concept of “athletes.”

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Chase disagrees that NASCAR drivers are athletes

“Listen, I’ve never been one to claim to be an athlete. I don’t think I am very athletic. But that’s a whole another debate.”

Fellow drivers think otherwise

While Elliott does not consider himself to be an athlete, other NASCAR drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr and Bubba Wallace feel the exact opposite of him. During the All-Star Weekend earlier this month, Dale Earnhardt Jr said that NASCAR is “full of athletic all-stars,” and Wallace feels that, unlike golf, NASCAR is quite a physical sport.

Chase exposes other drivers on the field

“Man, if you saw some of the field and watched them dribble a basketball, you’d potentially change your mind. Some of them are bad. I would like to think I am not the most least athletic in the field but I wouldn’t say I am the most either, but yeah, man some of them used to be jacked.”

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