“I’m About to Get Offended” – Dale Earnhardt Jr Fires Stern Warning to Critics Outside NASCAR Family Condemning Stock Car Racing

Published 04/01/2023, 5:40 AM EDT

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The 2023 race at the Circuit of The Americas was special in many ways. It was the first race this season with no stage breaks. Over and above that, players from other motorsports were also an important part of it as they drove for some of the top NASCAR Cup Series teams last Sunday. However, the feedback after the COTA from non-NASCAR critics hasn’t pleased Dale Earnhardt Jr one bit.

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Despite his retirement, Dale Jr remains immensely passionate about NASCAR. To date, his lifestyle heavily revolves around the sport. Obviously, it wouldn’t bode well with him if someone speaks against it.

Dale Earnhardt Jr slams critics with their attempt to demean stock car racing after the race at COTA

Junior recently discussed the COTA race in the latest episode of his podcast “The Dale Jr Download.” He spoke about how things have been lately in the sport. Dale Jr said, “NASCAR is a family. We are all in it, everybody in the industry and we can all say whatever the hell we want. We have, in weeks passed, we have been critical of NASCAR, critical of drivers, whatever.”

Having said that, he expressed his opinion on people outside the sport trying to speak ill of it. He said, “But damn anybody outside that bubble [NASCAR family] say anything, even the same sh*t, not even the same sh*t. I might say you know what that was embarrassing. I don’t want to hear anybody outside that fu*king bubble say it was embarrassing, you’re pissing me off.”

The COTA race saw former F1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button and well-known motorsport racer Jordan Taylor take their talent to the track. They spoke about how intense, aggressive, and competitive it was driving in the COTA for them.

To this, Dale Jr said, “I thought that some of the things they said was, I would say 99% of the stuff that those F1 drivers and Jordan and all those guys said, I thought it was good. They were tired, it was hard, it was hot and it was pushing and shoving yeah.”

However, the 48-year-old had some objections to some of their comments too. He said, “But then there were a couple things that they said where I was like hey man, you’re getting a little closer to the bubble, alright? You are pushing an issue a little bit, I’m about to get offended, careful now.”

Certainly, Junior did not look happy over there. But what did these drivers say, really?

Jenson Button has a revengeful confession on his NASCAR debut at the COTA

Former F1 world champion Jenson Button tried his hand at NASCAR in Austin last Sunday. Although he had nothing to prove, there were certain expectations from him. However, he had some interesting things to say after the race.

He shared a post on social media describing his experience. The caption read, “Well that was the craziest 4hrs of my racing career 🤣 think I hit or got hit almost every lap!! What an experience, learning a very different type of race craft, finding good pace and consistency, fighting heat exhaustion, surviving the last 3 restarts, and making some aggressive moves oh and revenge is sweet 😉.

“Still a lot to learn but loved it and pretty happy with placing the @mobil1racing #15 in P18 out of 39 after a rollercoaster race. Bring on Chicago 👊🏽.”

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Obviously, this was enough to trigger Dale Jr. The two-time Daytona 500 winner will definitely have his eyes on Button when he returns to race in Chicago in July later this year. What do you think will happen then?



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