Dale Earnhardt Jr Defends Hendrick Motorsports Against ‘Cheating’ Allegations While Blaming “Miscommunication” To Be the Cause of $400,000 Fiasco

Earlier this year, the Hendrick Motorsports team got into major trouble. This was because the team had modified some parts of their car and were eventually caught for it. They faced a hefty punishment of their crew chiefs being suspended for four races, $100,000 fines for each car, 100 points, and 10 Playoff points deducted per car.

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Dale reveals who was at fault

“At some point, HMS felt like NASCAR opened up the door for them to make these adjustments to the parts, To make the parts fit and make the parts get closer to the actual CAD design.”

What did he say in addition?

“Then NASCAR changed their communication, changed their wordage in their emails. Said, ‘Nope! We don’t want you doing this’. But the cars were already on the West coast swing and out there with the parts. I myself know what I know about it, felt like that you could definitely see HMS’s point of view.”

Dale’s thoughts on the penalty

“The penalty was far too severe, it was a miscommunication. I don’t think that there was real intent to cheat and make their cars faster and slide something under the table.”

What else did he say?

“When you look at all the things, the communication between NASCAR and teams and the organizations and Chevrolet themselves, the manufacturer, you could see where this type of thing could happen. The parts didn’t race, all those things factor in and my opinion is that the penalty was way too severe.”

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