Dale Earnhardt Jr Slams Bubba Wallace for “Overreacting” as He Pulls a “Chase Elliott” 

The 2023 season hasn’t fared well so far for Bubba Wallace. With three DNFs in six races, something is certainly not going right. However, Wallace only made it worse for himself when he felt demotivated after the COTA race and publicly demanded to be fired.

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Dale Jr slams Bubba

“Obviously, I don’t think even he feels that way. What Bubba’s trying to do here is kinda like Chase Elliott used to do all the time. Chase would go run second and say I suck, I’m terrible, I let my dad down.”

What did Dale say in addition?

“And I don’t think he really feels that way but he wants us to all know that he’s upset, that he doesn’t think that’s good enough. I think he feels to a point like yeah I have let my team down and I didn’t win the race and they think that the car is good enough and I didn’t get it done but I don’t think Bubba Wallace genuinely thinks that I need to be replaced.”

Bubba’s trying to get back

“My mom had said to me, ‘You know, if you want things to change, you got to change yourself.’ So I’m just trying to change myself and be more active, working out, eating better, and just trying to have a better mindset so Richmond should be good for us.”

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