Denny Hamlin’s “Detriment” Repeated as Kyle Busch Criticizes Handling of “Pain in the D**k” Driver Controversy as He Walks Free

Kyle Busch recently proved his straightforward attitude as he responded to a question about Corey LaJoie after their tussle in Martinsville last week, which further became huge when LaJoie admitted he intentionally tried to wreck the two-time Cup champion.

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Corey admits

LaJoie recently explained on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio how during last week’s race, Busch rolled up to his left rear for 22nd position and hit him. Then it happened again, and again. “We roll into three and, he’s on my left rear quarter so I just hung a left. You don’t drive into my left rear four times and not expect to get a door” he said.

What did Kyle say?

“As far as him with me, he’s been a pain in the d**k to race with and has for years just coming up, lapping him and things like that. Every time I’m around him, it’s like he tries an extra 20% hard to make sure I stay behind him, just not fun.”

What did he say in addition?

“[Corey LaJoie] admitted on his podcast that he wanted to crash me and create a yellow and didn’t get penalized even though Denny Hamlin did so, again, our ‘inconsistency of consistency’ or the other way around is impeccable.”

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