“He Always Wants to Tell Me Why I Didn’t Win” – Kyle Busch Reveals the Pressure Brexton Put On Him as the Chances of 2nd Win Increase

The competition in the Cup Series is usually quite intense and cutthroat. But once in a while, it may feel amazing to get humbled by someone once in a different form of racing. It gets even better if that person is your own son. This has been the case for two-time Cup Series champion, Kyle Busch.

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Kyle engages in father-son trash talk

“He’s already got more pavement wins than I do this year. So he’s letting me know about that. He hasn’t won on dirt. I haven’t won under yet this year, but actually, he did, he got a junior sprint win… So I take that back.”

What did he say in addition?

“But no, I mean, yeah, of course anytime I ever go to the racetrack and I don’t win, he always wants to tell me why I didn’t win.”

Brexton wins at Mountain Creek

Brexton accomplished a remarkable feat by winning in both the Beginner Box Stock and Box Stock categories at the Mountain Creek Speedway. Launching from the eleventh position, Busch skillfully evaded chaos, including collisions involving front-runners Slate Harrell and Will Spencer.

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