“No Clue How That Is a Penalty” – Kyle Busch Exposes NASCAR’s “Contradictory” Side After Being Left in Disbelief of Denny Hamlin’s Controversial Verdict

Kyle Busch recently called out NASCAR for its inconsistent enforcement of rules. As a context for justifying the criticism, Busch talked about the incident at the LA Coliseum when Joey Logano made contact with Busch’s car and sent him spinning out of control. Despite the incident, Logano was not penalized, leaving Busch and several other fans dissatisfied.

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Kyle on NASCAR’s contradictory rules

“At the Clash, how come Joey Logano wasn’t penalized for wiping me out? You know what I mean, like every chance somebody crashes from somebody else from car contact it could be a penalty, it could be a fine, it can be whatever so. The rule book contradicts itself quite a lot.”

Kyle’s take on Denny’s appeal controversy

“I’m actually kind of surprised on the whole Denny deal. […] He did a really good job of explaining it. I listened to his podcast of this week and I mean, I’ve been through some of these appeals.”

What did he say in addition?

“And you think you’ve done a good job selling your case, and they actually kind of back down on the other side. So you think you’ve got a really good shot of getting something reversed or overturned, and then it just completely sideswipes you.”

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