Tony Stewart Drops “Astronomical” Revelation About Joe Gibbs as He Admits NASCAR Teams Rallied for the Controversial Next Gen Car

Last year, the debut of the Next Gen car saw an instant impact in the NASCAR Cup Series. To everyone’s surprise, the competition witnessed 19 different winners in 36 races. While the impact was clearly visible, a new revelation has come to light through Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner Tony Stewart.

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Tony’s revelation

“Absolutely! It had to happen because the spending per team per year was getting astronomical. The resources that you were having to put into it and what it was doing was separating lower-third, middle-third, and top-tier teams. The top-tier teams were well funded, had a lot of resources. The lower-tier teams, it was all they could do to just survive and get cars to the racetrack. So we needed, for the health of the sport, we needed to find a way to cut costs to cut back on.”

What did he say in addition?

“I think Gibbs at one point had over 600 employees for four Cup teams and running a car one race and then stripping it. It’s crazy and that was the standard, that’s how far the competition has pushed itself and how technology has got involved and pushed this sport. So the owners realized for the longevity of it from the ownership side that we needed to ask for that.”

Tony highlights the weak link in the Next Gen car

“The front ends are strong, the toe links in the rear are not strong. That’s the thing that you have to guard. You can change them obviously during a pit stop but that is the weak link.”

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