5 NBA Predictions Involving Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson & Others That Will Blow Your Mind

Guessing incorrectly is not that big a deal and anybody can do it but this time let's take a moment to appreciate all the times incredible NBA predictions that somehow some way, fans, analysts or even players got correct, months or even years before it actually happened. 

Let's go!

Exact statistics of Giannis Antetokounmpo's MVP season

Giannis' dominance wasn't as obvious before as it is now.  In the 2016 NBA season, Giannis used to put up some average numbers but that did not stop Andrew Sharpe of Sports Illustrated in making a crazy prediction in the fall of 2016. He said in the 2019 season, Giannis would put up 27,12, and 8 every night and he ended up averaging 27,12, and 6.

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Klay Thompson's gut feeling about meeting the Raptors in the NBA Finals

When the Warriors and Raptors met in the NBA Finals in 2019, seems like only Klay Thompson was prepared for this matchup. In fact, in November itself, he spoke up about their potential and said, "It might be a preview of June."

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Skip Bayless makes first and big apt prediction about Warriors

Nobody ever thought that a team could beat the Chicago Bulls win-loss record of 72-10 but not only did the Golden State Warriors surpass it, but Skip Bayless had also already predicted it. That too, with the exact numbers. 

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A Youtube channel predicted who will get the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft

A youtube channel named 'The Basketball jonses' was able to correctly pick the team that will get the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft by using a fan, a 100 pieces of paper with the names of teams on them corresponding with the odds each team had in the NBA lottery, and a blindfold. 

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Fan predicting the picks in the 2017 NBA Draft

On the 2017 NBA Draft night, one NBA fan, in front of NBA executives, draftees, and NBA commissioner himself, shouted the names of the players to be drafted moments before they were officially picked. 

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Fan makes two crazy predictions with one tweet

A Twitter user by the name of Nirstradamus was able to predict in 2016 that Kevin Durant would sign with the Warriors in the upcoming offseason. Not only that, but he also wrote, in that very Tweet that they would also bring DeMarcus Cousins on Board in 2018.  And what do you know? It all came true.

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