All The Unexpected Things Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without

One would think that Kyrie Irving wouldn't go anywhere without a basketball? Well, that is too far-fetched and he believes that because he is a basketball player, doesn't mean that's his essential. 

In fact, you would be surprised to know the few things Irving can't survive without. They aren't the most expensive things in the world but definitely gives a deeper insight into who Kyrie really is. 

Come and find out!


Nobody would pick Kyrie as a notebook guy, right? But that was actually the first thing he mentioned. From business to personal things, all the tea is in there. Who wouldn't want there hands on that?

Credit: Youtube/GQ

Rolex Sky-Dweller

What attracted Irving to this watch was the classic brown band that he believes highlights his personality. It pops out as well, but is also subtle in it's own way.

Credit: Youtube/GQ

Cartier Bracelets

If there is one thing Kyrie fans know is that Cartier bracelets are a must for him.  Even his dad knew his taste, which is why he was the one who gifted him these on Christmas.

Credit: Youtube/GQ


Skull Candy is Kyrie's go-to headphones and from basic to other unique colors, he has it all. The Nets' superstar considers listening to music as an escape from all that goes around in his day-to-day life. Seems like celebrities are just like others, aren't they?

Credit: YouTube/GQ

Toiletry bag and wallet

If it wasn't for his sister, Kyrie would just throw his toiletries in his bag but after using a bag, he can't go anywhere without it. Inside it, is his customized wallet that he got as a gift from a media member.

Credit: Youtube/GQ

Beard Brush

Everyone with a beard would know how important is to maintain it and a beard brush is  one way to do this. Although he doesn't have a beard as long as he did before, it's for whenever he grows it further.

Credit: Youtube/GQ

Oxy Pads

Kyrie's essentials may not be as exciting as you'd want them to be but they get him through his day and Oxy pads are one of those that he needs after a tiring day of basketball.

Credit: Youtube/GQ


Kyrie's go-to cologne is Dior's Sauvage for which he has pronunciation of his own. In fact, Kyrie is very particular about how much and where all he sprays this scent.

Credit: Youtube/GQ

Cocoa Butter

Irving revealed that he has Melanin in his skin, which means he is prone to pigments on his skin, eyes, and hair. So, Cocoa butter is his solution to that problem and takes it everywhere he goes.

Credit: Youtube/GQ

Ice Breakers

Who doesn't like carrying mint in case you eat something that spoils your breath a little? Well, Kyrie is very cautious about that and he also knows exactly why he picks icebreakers over chewing gum.

Credit: Youtube/GQ

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