Atrocious NBA Chants By Fans: From Screaming "Kobe's Better" to LeBron James, Calling Kawhi Leonard a "Traitor" & Much More

While the game is entertaining as it is, NBA fans at times make it even more interesting to watch. 

While some NBA chants make sense, some are completely out of context. 

Here are some crazy NBA chants that you might have missed but shouldn't!

Kyrie's Leaving!

Matchups between Boston Celtics and New York always get a little testy, and this was the case back in 2019 when the Nets defeated the Celtics. But the biggest W came from the audience who started chanting "Kyrie's leaving" when Daniel Theis was at the foul line in the fourth quarter.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

LeBron's Gonna Trade you!

During a Lakers vs Pacers matchup, the team was already taking a toll on the purple and gold, but then the fans became even more ruthless. As Brandon Ingram shot free throws early in the first quarter, fans started raining "LeBron's going to trade you" chants upon him. 

Credit: Twitter/Rob Perez

First Kobe Chant

We have heard Kobe's name from the audience plenty of times but this was the first moment that this happened and Kobe was thoroughly enjoying it. 

Credit: Youtube/EuroSteppers


When Kawhi left the Spurs for the Toronto Raptors, he got treated much like LeBron James when he moved to Miami Heat from the Cavs. So, when the two teams had to face each other, Spurs' faithful fans started chanting "Traitor" while Kawhi was taking free throws. 

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Kobe's Better!

Every Laker fan was thrilled when they signed LeBron James but some Kobe disciples could never see anybody above him. So when the Hawks and Lakers were facing off, there were screams from some fans saying "Kobe's better" as LeBron shot his freethrows. 

Credit: Youtube/House of Highlights

Happy Birthday!

Inlike most, this one is actually really heartwarming. When Giannis turned 25, he was greeted by his home fans at Fiserv Forum with a "Happy Birthday" chant! And Giannis gyrated in joy. 

Credit: Twitter/SportsCenter

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