Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma & other NBA Players Who Have a Lot to Prove Next Season

Every NBA season can be a new chapter in a player's career if they want it to be. 

It's a fresh start for them to undo all their mistakes, improve, and prove why they belong where they are. 

The upcoming 2021-22 season is no different. Here are NBA players who need to do something extraordinary to change fans' perceptions.

Kemba Walker
New York Knicks

While with the Celtics, Walker was never able to keep up with the expectations. In fact, the chemistry between Kemba, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown never came through. But if Kemba can stay healthy, he can be the PG the Knicks have been needing for a while now and we all know how brutal Knicks fans can be. If he doesn't do well, he won't be spared.

Credit: Youtube/Tomasz Kordylewski

Victor Oladipo
Miami Heat

Despite being a promising player, injury issues have knocked Oladipo's career off course. Because of lingering questions about his health, he had to sign a one-year veteran minimum deal with Miami instead of a longer, more lucrative deal. So, he has to prove that he is still the player that made it into those two All-Star teams.

Credit: Youtube/Mickey Mickeal

Kyle Kuzma 
Washington Wizards

After being under scrutiny for his average performances for a while now, Kyle Kuzma was finally shipped off to the Washington WIzards from the Lakers. Kuz has been trolled plenty because of not being able to live up to expectations last season with LeBron and AD out because of injuries. However, he will be getting his fresh start with the Wizards and has to prove his last season with the Lakers was merely a bump in the road.

Credit: Youtube/KTT Highlights

Michael Porter Jr. 
Denver Nuggets

Jamal Murray's injury pulled the Denver Nuggets back and Nikola Jokic really needed Michael Porter Jr. to help them last season. Unfortunately, Jokic ended up doing most of the work. Porter was expected to be the third man to Jokic and Murray, unless he fulfills that role, the Nuggets can't be a promising title contender. 

Credit: Youtube/Brenthoops

Ben Simmons
Philadelphia 76ers

Simmons has been the center of attention this offseason. With the Philadelphia 76ers adamant about not trading him, and Ben made it clear that he doesn't want to play with them anymore, the drama keeps on going on. Simmons was blamed for the 76ers early demise last postseason and rightly so. After being called out for not improving his game, Ben needs to do a lot of work to turn the tables. Whether he plays with the Sixers or not.

Credit: Twitter/ KTT Highlights

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