Celebrities On Court Moments with LeBron James: Bill Clinton, J Cole, Odell Beckham Jr. & More

LeBron James is not just the greatest player in NBA history but fans adore him for his playful nature as well. 
He is often seen mingling with his supporters, including celebrities who come to watch the games. 
Let's look at some of those moments.


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LeBron James and Drake

During the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, Kevin Hart was sipping his drink courtside, only to be stolen by LeBron James, who then passed it on to Drake instead. It's gone down as one of the most hilarious moments as well. 

Credit: Youtube/Jesus Condom

LeBron James, Beyonce and Jay-z

There is no other couple that attends NBA games as religiously as Beyonce and Jay-Z. In fact, LeBron was seen chit-chatting with them once and hit a dunk right after.

Credit: Youtube/James Herbert

LeBron James and Odell Beckham Jr.

Cleveland Browns wide reciever Odell Beckham Jr. and LeBron James have always shown signs of their friendship and they are each other's biggest fans. 

Credit: Youtube/ClutchPoints

LeBron James and Blue IVY Carter

Carter had attended the Lakers vs Clippers matchup with her Dad, Jay-z. After the purple and gold's victory, the two bonded on the court, and Carter looked star-struck.

Credit: YouTube/ClutchPoints

LeBron James and J Cole

LeBron James and Cam Newton

LeBron James and Bill Clinton

LeBron James and Kevin HArt