Dexter Pittman: The Worst Teammate LeBron James Has Ever Had

LeBron James' storied career is one that is one etched in NBA's history already. 

However, he has also had to carry some pretty bad players on his team's and they might have achieved some success thanks to him 

But there is one player that will definitely be counted as his worst teammate ever and that's Dexter Pittman.

Dexter Pittman

Pittman's career is easily the worst career the NBA has ever seen. He played only 50 games and averaged 2.3 ppg but he is somehow still an NBA champion, thanks to LBJ.

Credit: Youtube/ NBA Living Legends

Played for the D-League

He was Miami Heat's 37th overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the same year LeBron came to South Beach. He was quickly assigned to the D-League and didn't come back until the end of the season.

Credit: YouTube/Josh Singh

His best year was also his worst

The year after was his peak. He played 35 games and started 6 of them, averaging only 3 points and 2 rebounds per game. At the same time, Bron was having his MVP, what a stark difference.

Credit: Youtube/Josh Singh

Only known for his flagrant foul on Lance Stephenson

When the only thing anybody remembers about your pro career is a flagrant foul you gave to Lance Stephenson, that says a lot about what you've accomplished on the court.

Credit: Youtube/Josh Singh

Left the league to play overseas

After being in the league for just four years, he eventually retired and moved on to play in Asia. But him playing 3 years with the league's best, LBJ, won a title in the process. Unbelieveable, right? Is there anybody worse than him?

Credit: Youtube/Josh Singh


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