From Giannis Antetokounmpo's Return to Chris Paul's Incredible Performance: Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns NBA Finals Game 1

Once Giannis Antetokounmpo was cleared to play in game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns, interest in the match had peaked. 

It is safe to say, the game did justice to the hype as the Suns took the first lead of the series with a 118-105 victory. 

The Milwaukee Bucks went neck to neck in the first half but the Suns were too hot for them to handle in the second half. 

Here are the top highlights of the game

Giannis Antetokounmpo as good as new

After being injured in Game 4 against the Hawks, fans were worried that Giannis may be cleared to play but won't be at his best. But in the first quarter itself, he came out as agile and explosive as fans are used to seeing him., as he aggressively drove towards the rim.

Credit: Twitter/Milwaukee Bucks

Devin Booker leads offense

Devin Booker wasn't any less aggresive either. He lead the Suns offense by adding buckets and backup point guard, Cameron Payne continued to follow his lead.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Chris Paul right behind Booker

Thanks to Booker, the Suns ended the first quarter with a 30-26 lead. And then when the second quarter came, Chris Paul joined Devin on offense by adding 11 points with his mid-range jumpers.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Khris Middleton keeping up with Giannis' energy

Giannis isn't the only one who came all fired up for the Milwaukee Bucks. Middleton was also doing his part by keeping a steady presence and helping them stay afloat in the first half.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Phoenix Suns push their lead

Khris and Giannis had 11 points together by the first half but Booker and Paul combined for 27 instead. It was 57-49 at halftime. But then came the third quarter, as the Suns went for a 8-3 run, they pushed their lead to 13 points.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Chris Paul's moment

From here, the rout was on and it was all thanks to Chris Paul. He dropped 16 points alone in the third quarter that gave Phoenix a 17 point lead against the Bucks. With this, he had a game-high 27 points.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Suns for the win

By the fourth quarter, the game already looked like it was going to end in the Suns' favor.  The Bucks tried to hang around but with Chris' 32 point performance and 9 assists, it was game over.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

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