From Locking Horns to Becoming Brothers: Must Watch Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Cherishable Moments

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have had some epic run-ins on the court.
Although they never faced each other in the playoffs, the 22 times they faced each other in 13 seasons was enough to want us to re-live some of their best moments.

Kobe vs LeBron:

Whenever going face to face, the pair ensured they were the ones guarding each other. But in 2006, Kobe drew first blood against Bron. He dropped three clutch jumpers to take the W and even though LBJ had the chance to tie the ball game twice, he missed a free throw and a game winner.

Credit: Youtube/LamarMatic

All-Star Game

In the 2013 All-Star game, Kobe's team was up by 8 points with 3 minutes left. Bron used Chris Bosh's screen to escape Kobe's defense but the Mamba caught up and swatted LeBron's jumper that led to KD's dunk on the other end. In fact, Kobe had two incredible blocks on LBJ.

Credit: Youtube/labranjames

Team usa

Kobe and Bron had a duel in the practice game before they played for the USA in 2007.  Bron was even able to give Kobe a taste of his chase-down blocks, turning down his dunk attempt in the third quarter. Eventually, Bron asked with the win.

Credit: Youtube/MambaTV

After retirement 

Although they were deemed competitors, Bron and Kobe shared a deep friendship. Even when Kobe retired and Bron had signed with the Lakers, he came to watch his games twice and the two shared a heartwarming moment both times.

Credit: Youtube/CliveNBAParody and Karl Bilen

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