Team USA went into the 2008 Olympics with a certain goal in mind. If you talk about the basketball team, in particular, they had a point to prove. The 2008 “Redeem Team” boasted one of the best lineups in history which contained the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. 

If you take a look at the team’s roster, you can’t help but be awe-struck by the talents that were on the team. After a disappointing outing at the 2004 Olympic games, the team wanted to prove a point in 2008.

Thus, a super-strong line-up was sent to Beijing in hopes of bringing home the prized gold medal. The team sure did achieve what they set out to do, and the process behind it was truly beautiful. 


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A team full of NBA stars who were divided by their respective teams, but united by a country. The team did not lose a single game en route to their finals matchup. They faced Pau Gasol and Spain in the finals and registered a comfortable victory to be crowned gold medal winners. 

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James: A friendship that truly blossomed behind the scenes 

The two stalwarts of the team, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James developed a strong bond when they played as teammates representing their country. Fans have dreamt of them playing alongside each other in the NBA, but unfortunately, it never happened. 

A few months ago, Ballislife.com posted a throwback clip of Kobe and LeBron giving an interview, explaining about the team and their vision while leading them to win the gold medal. 

“I do the talking and lead these guys with my voice a lot. My voice is very powerful,” LeBron says in the beginning minutes of the video. While he uttered those words a 24-year-old James looks at a smiling Kobe sitting next to him and says, “You guys know what he does on the court as far as an example.”

A young LeBron must have certainly learned a lot from Kobe by playing and training alongside him. These two are incredible leaders and though their styles might differ, their goal always remained the same. 

The video reels through some amazing footage from the team’s practice, speeches, and other moments to give us a feeling of how united to bring pride to their country. 


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The lighter side of the two champions

The wonderful video clip originally posted by NBA History takes us through an enjoyable journey on how the team bonded and engaged in banter while keeping it all under the brotherhood. At one point, we can see LeBron channel his inner baritone voice to make a hilarious entrance introduction for Kobe Bryant. 

A lively segment is also a part of the video where LeBron and Dwyane Wade mimic Kobe’s tracksuit appearance. King James even tries to replicate the Mamba’s on-court signals. But these two lauding each other is the best thing you can see all day, if you’re a basketball fan. 


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“That’s who he is man. He loves having a great time,” Kobe says, talking about the attitude of LeBron. “We both have the same passion. We just show it in different ways,” Kobe further adds. The moving video is truly a must-watch if you haven’t stumbled upon it before.