How Michael Jordan Earns And Spends His Billions

Michael Jordan is not just considered the greatest basketball player but an entrepreneur who became one of the richest athletes with a net worth of $1.6 Billion.

After building a lucrative career in the NBA, MJ uses his wealth for philanthropic purposes. So, let's dive deep into how he earns and then spends his billions!


Nike's Air Jordans are iconic. But actually, Nike founder Phil Knight first nabbed the NBA rookie for just $250,000 a year back in 1984. And now,  the Jordan brand alone brings in roughly $3 billion in revenue each year. 

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Owner of charlotte hornets

He owns a majority of the NBA's Charlotte Hornets which he bought in 2010 for $175 million. By 2014, the team had officially made him a billionaire. They're estimated to be worth more than $1.5 billion and he owns 97% of the equity. Oh, he is also a minority owner of an MLB team.

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Endorsements and restaurants

Jordan has endorsement deals with companies liek Gatorade, Upper Deck, Haynes, and has also appeared in a Nike Fortnite collab.  And he has also been branching out into restaurants.  Let's not forger that he also owns a Nissan car dealership.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Luxurious Homes

Apart from building his dream home in Florida worth $12.8 million, Jordan has bought several luxurious properties all fit to satisfy different moods. Some to enjoy the waterfront, some for the mountains and they all have ammenties that he can enjoy. From golf to a court, it has it all. And let's not forget his mega-mansion in Chicago worth $29 million.

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lavish car collection

Even a 15 car garage isn't enough to hold MJ's car collection that holds up to 40 vehicles. The very first cars that he bought after he received his reported $10 million signing bonus from the Chicago Bulls were an entire collection of 7 Mercedes and Pontiacs for himself and his family.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Private golf course

Only because Jordan was annoyed by the pace of play in his previous country club, he decided to build himself a private gold course. This course in Florida is called Grove 23 and the clubhouse has a gorgeous view of the course which used to be a Citrus grove. The projected is estimated to cost him $15-20 million.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Family Vacations

When not on the court or at the gold course, MJ likes to be on luxury family vacations. For that, he customized his own $61.5 million private jet with the Jumpman logo on the tail.  They also have an option to kick back on their $80 million private yacht.

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

Watch Collection

When you're so loaded, collections are like a social status. But MJ has an addiction to high-quality timepieces. His watch collection is extensive and is worth millions of dollars. 

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Jordan's gambling stories are very famous. Almost all of his watch collection can be bought with his winnings in gambling but he has also been in the bad light because of some of his rumored debt in the early years of his career.

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Jordan may spend a lot on himself but he also gives back to the community. In 2019, he pledged $7 million to open 2 medical clinics in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in 2018, he donated $2 million to Hurricane Florence relief efforts. 

Credit: Youtube/TheRichest

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