How Michael Jordan Sought Revenge From Some NBA Coaches & Players Who Ticked Him Off

There is nothing like some good old fashion revenge. It leaves you with a satisfying feeling as if you're on top of the world.  And Michael Jordan has had his fair share of that experience. 

Once he is ticked off or provoked in any way, he turns psychotic. 

So, Sit back and relax, while we take you through some of his best revenge stories!

Jeff Van Gundy Faces MJ's Wrath!

Jordan liked to have good relationships with players off the court but Jeff Van Gundy made a crazy statement about it. He said that MJ would befriend his opponents, only making them think he is a nice guy only to gain a competitive advantage.  He made these comments a day before the Knicks played the Bulls and MJ was cursing at Jeff the entire game and finished the night with 51 points, doing what he planned to do. 

Credit: Youtube/Cosgrove

George Karl Didn't Learn from Gundy's mistake

Only a week after Gundy's incident, George Karl got himself in the same mess. He claimed that MJ was playing as if he didn't want to get hurt, to which MJ said Karl was just playing mind games. But he wasn't done with him yet. When the Bulls met Karl's team the Supersonics,  MJ was on fire, shooting a half-court shot in front of Karl and he ended the game with 45 points.

Credit: Youtube/Cosgrove

John Calipari ticked mj off

The Bulls were on their way to securing their second three-peat in 1998 and their first opponent was the New Jersey Nets, whose head coach was John Calipari. John did not say anything verbally but MJ confessed that John's coaching style really bothered him. John was screaming at the players constantly from the sidelines and this fueled MJ and then torched the Nets. MJ finished the night with 38 points and defeated them.

Credit: Youtube/Cosgrove

Bryon Russell poked the bear

When MJ first retired to play baseball, Bryon ran into him at the gym, telling him that he wanted to guard him because he knew he could, and at the tie, MJ laughed it off. But in 1996, he was back and was going to play the Utah Jazz and he knew Russell was going to be there. And before the jump ball, he turned to Russell and said, "Remember 94'? You're about to get your chance".  And MJ ended up breaking his ankles. Ever since, Russell had a target on his back.

Credit: Youtube/Cosgrove

Long time rivalry with Isiah Thomas

IWhen MJ got selected in the All-Star game as a rookie, Isiah Thomas convinced the other players to not pass the ball to MJ because he was getting alot of attention. And that's exactly what happened but MJ didn't forget that. Just 2 nights later, the Bulls were set to meet the Pistons and MJ went off and put up 49 points., 15 rebounds, and 5 assists. And it was here that their beef actually began.

Credit: Youtube/MJ23 His Airness Forever

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