Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard- Paul George & Other Top Playoff Duo's This Season

There are some very unexpected and some expected teams that have wreaked havoc in the playoffs so far. 

Part of the reason has to do with who the cornerstones of those teams are. 

Here are the duos that are gaining the most attention in the playoffs.

Donovan Mitchell & Rudy Gobert

Nobody was talking about the Utah Jazz making strides before the season and now they're the hot topic and one of the favorites to win the title. Mitchell has been tearing it up on the offense and Gobert has been a beast on the boards and has their defense perfected down to the T.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Kawhi Leonard &
Paul George

Despite their woes in 2020, the two haven't lost in what they can accomplish together. The Clippers' offseason moved found players better suited around this duo and now they are taking the league by storm. Kawhi started off slow in the beginning and PG got some criticism too, but both have put up monstrous performances since then.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Chris Paul &
Devin Booker

One of the best PGs being paired with an electric scorer like Booker is as deadly as it gets. CP3's presence has completely changed the state of the Suns and are definitely the duo to fear this season.

Credit: Twitter/Famouslos32

Joel Embiid &
Ben Simmons

Embiid and Simmons have become a staple in top duos and have elevated the 76ers to become title contenders. Embiid is the best center and his size and skill in the pain are one to look out for. The only place Ben lacks is during clutch moments.

Credit: Twitter/NBA UK

Kevin Durant &
Kyrie Irving

Despite James Harden being out because of injuries, this duo is having no trouble breezing through it's games against the Milwaukee Bucks. Even though this duo has proved to handle any team, imagine when Harden returns...

Credit: Twitter/NBA Philippines


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