Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Most Identical Plays 

The Debate on who's better between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan isn't likely to be settled anytime soon. 

While they're constantly compared to get an answer to that question, they have a lot of similarities too.

Kobe has  openly admitted that his game is modelled after Jordan and if you look closely, it's like a replica. 

Look at some of their identical moves!

Driving into the paint

From dribbling between the legs to confuse the opponent to their powerful and unstoppable drive into the paint, the resemblance is uncanny! The speed and the efficiency with which Kobe has emulated this move is brilliant.

Credit: Youtube/House of Hoops


When they can't find space to take a layup or too far for a step back shot, MJ and Kobe both resort to jumpers that are carbon copies.

Credit: Youtube/House of Hoops

Michael Jordan's  Signature

Whenever anyone saw Michael Jordan approaching the basket with his tongue out, everybody knew he was going to drop a big one. It became his signature move and why wouldn't Kobe emulate something as significant as this.

Credit: Youtube/House of Hoops


The most monstrous and devastating thing an NBA player can do is a dunk. While we have seen some brilliant and unique dunks over the decades, the one that MJ and Kobe made seem like the same person slammed it.

Credit: Youtube/House of Hoops


Mastering someone's skills with years of practicing and perfecting is one thing. But when Kobe celebrated his achievement exactly like Jordan, it was just spooky! Isn't it? No wonder people thing he's the closest thing to Jordan ever.

Credit: Youtube/House of Hoops