Kobe Bryant VS Michael Jordan Top Moments: Trash Talking, Matchups & More

Kobe Bryant or 'The Black Mamba' was dubbed the 'next Michael Jordan' even before they played their first All-Star Game against each other. 
Although MJ and Kobe turned out to be very close over the years, there was always a competitive streak between the two. 
Let's look at some of the best moments between them...


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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Trash Talk

This was Michael Jordan's final appearance in the NBA All-Star event and fans were handed the Kobe-MJ Matchup. It ended with hilarious banter between the two about how many rings they have.

Credit: Youtube/ Cavaliers91

Passing on Advice

Despite being the most competitive player on the court, Jordan never left a chance to mentor his successor during the game itself. Kobe described it as very helpful.

Credit: YouTube/Yung Hive

First All-Star Game 1998

This is where the famous line 'That Laker Boy...' from the 'Last Dance' came about. From their first All-Star Game against each other, Jordan knew Kobe was something special.

Credit: YouTube/PHP

Last Game Against Each Other

This was Jordan's last game in the NBA and Kobe showed him with his 55 point-performance that he is going to be the face of the NBA next.

Credit: YouTube/AL's Highlights world

Playfully fighting each other

This moment between Kobe and Jordan highlights is the perfect depiction of their friendship.

Credit: YouTube/PHP

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