LeBron James Describes What it Was Like Meeting Michael Jordan For The First Time

Although often pitted against each other, LeBron James was truly stunned to meet Michael Jordan for the first time. 

MJ was his idol growing up and coming face to face with him seemed unreal. 
But when it did happen, Bron's reaction to it was extraordinarily hilarious.

When and where?

It was LeBron's junior year in high school and he was in Chicago at a gym called 'Hoops'.  It is  where MJ played basketball in summertime and LeBron had no idea he was going to come face to face with Mike. 

Credit: Youtube/PFlaw317

Jesus = MJ

Bron described watching Michael Jordan enter the gym as if he M was walking on air and it took a while for him to realize it was really his idol. In fact, he called Jordan "Black Jesus".

Credit: Youtube/PHP

Did MJ know LeBron before hand?

Bron is almost certain MJ did know who he was and even called him a "young fella". He even asked Bron to keep working hard and will eventually land in the NBA. That's exactly what happened...

Credit: Youtube/PHP

Not the first and last time

This wasn't the first time Bron spoke so highly about his interaction with Jordan. He actually even said that it was better than meeting the President and if god were to take him away after that, he would still live a hell of a life after seeing the GOAT.

Credit: Youtube/PHP


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