LeBron James vs Jae Crowder: How The Tension Between the Two Escalated During Lakers vs Suns

Jae Crowder and LeBron James have had some kind of animosity Between One Another For A While Now. 

However, now they are locking horns in the playoffs again, a new chapter in their feud has started. 

Let's look at what this rivalry is all about.


Game 3 Round 1
Suns vs Lakers

The Suns and Lakers are going head to head in round 1 of the playoffs. With the score tied at 2-2 at the moment, the beef between Crowder and Bron came back to life when LBJ was toying with Crowder and laughing too.

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Game 4 Round 1
Suns vs Lakers

Game 4 was no different either. However, this time Bron had too much of Crowder.  James was driving to the basket when Crowder grabbed him by his shoulders and tried to pull him down. James was furious and was seen saying, "Get the f*** off me".

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Heated Moment Last season

We saw sparks of their rivalry last season in the NBA Finals as well. Bron and Crowder was seen entangled with one another under the rim. Jae slapped the ball out of his hands. Although a foul was called, James was furious and we saw them exchange words too.

Credit: Twitter/Hoop Central

Boston Celtics vs Cavs 2017: ECF

The two locked horns back in 2017 as well but a year later, the Crowder joined forces with Bron and the Cavs. However, it wasn't until his trade to the Jazz that they spoke ill about each other.

Credit: Youtube/CavsUnlimited

What Did They Say?

And Now...

Credit: Youtube/Yoboimo

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