LeBron James vs Kevin Durant Duel in the 2017 NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James and Kevin Durant have met in three different NBA Finals series over the past decade. Their rivalry and dominance have created one of the best storylines in the NBA. 

But looking back at the 2017 NBA Finals, how have the two stacked up on their Finals face-offs by the numbers?

Come find out!

Inverted 2012?

In many ways, the 2017 NBA Finals was like 2012, when OKC played Miami Heat and lost 4-1. And then LeBron's Cavs lost 4-1 to the KD's Warriors. Durant was on the superteam this time and ended up replacing LeBron as MVP.

Kevin Durant replaced LeBron as MVP

Credit: Youtube/ DefenseWInsChampionships

LeBron James' stats

Bron was shining in every aspect, as always.  Not only was he averaging a triple-double, he was also dropping more than 33 points per game.

LeBron James' overall excellance

Credit: YouTube/DefenseWinsChampionships

Kevin Durant's dominant scoring

Much like 2012, KD was dominant in dropping buckets left and right. But 2017 was absurd even by his standards. He averaged 35 points in less than 40 minutes per game, with 47 percent of his three's landing and a staggering true shooting percentage of just under 70%.

Surpassed his 2012 scoring

Credit: YouTube/DefenseWinsChampionships

KD was the GOAT in this series

Was Warriors a better team? Undoubtedly! And Kevin Durant just didn't let them get around him and win. He was the better player in this duel and earned his first much-deserved MVP and first ring together. 

KD was unstoppable

Credit: YouTube/DefenseWinsChampionships

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