LeBron James Won’t Win in Miami, Kevin Durant Won’t Join Warriors, & Other Hilarious Predictions by NBA Analysts Over the Years

In the world of basketball analysts and basketball media as a whole, part of the job is to making predictions. 

From how good a player will be, how bad a team will be to where is the league heading to in a few years. 

This is just another way to break down the game and sharing new interesting takes. 
But there are some who were way off in their predictions and we can never forget it.

Paul Pierce on the Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics face off

Pierce completely went off the rails when the Bucks went face to face with his beloved former team, the Boston Celtics. After winning the first game of the series in 2019, Paul went ahead and said "It's all over". This had him become a target for many trolls as the Bucks eventually won all four of the remaining games.

Credit: Twitter/ Milwaukee Bucks

Colin Cowherd siding with Greg Oden over Kevin Durant and prediction about Warriors

Colin had predicted that Greg Oden would be the No. 1 pick in the draft over Kevin Durant and even trash-talked those who thought otherwise. Of course, he couldn't be more wrong. Then in 2016, he predicted that KD would never move to the Warriors and in the off chance he did, it would be a disaster. Wrong, again!

Credit: YouTube/JxmyHighroller

Skip Bayless sticks to his Michael Jordan> LeBron James stance by hook or by crook

If there is anybody who hates LeBron James with all his heart, it's Skip Bayless and we all know he says outrageous things to support his theory about LBJ not being as great. But when he went on to say a 52-year-old Michael Jordan could defeat LeBron in his prime, people wanted to just shut him up. 

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Dan Gilbert threw shade at LeBron James

When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers, fans weren't the only ones who were furious with him. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert released a letter to the public saying LeBron will take the curse with him to South Beach and won't win a title there unless he does right by the Cavs. But he actually won his first two NBA championships with Miami Heat. 

Credit: YouTube/JxmyHighroller

Charles Barkley undermines the Golden State Warriors

Back in 2015, the Warriors were showing all signs of winning the NBA championship. Their regular-season record was 67-15. Yet, Charles Barkley believed the Grizzlies, Blazers, and Mavericks were better teams in the West. He also said the Warriors would never succeed and rest is history.

Credit: YouTube/JxmyHighroller

Stephen A. Smith can't get one prediction right?

Yeah, you can be wrong once, twice or let's just say thrice. But Stephen A. Smith got the NBA championship prediction wrong six seasons in a row! SIX!!! Is that even possible? I mean a normal person would get at least one right with a fluke also.

Credit: YouTube/JxmyHighroller

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