Michael Jordan: 'I Took it Personal' Moments

Something Every Jordan fan is aware of is that he finds the most unexpected ways of motivating himself. 
Taking things personally was one of the biggest traits that made MJ the competitor he was and it worked wonders for him. Let's look at the times Michael Jordan took things personally.


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Beef with
Jerry Krause

Jordan had issues with the Bulls' team management, especially Jerry Krause and his thoughts on what made a franchise successful. Infact, Jordan has portrayed Jerry as the man responsible for the collapse of the Bulls dynasty in 'The Last Dance'.

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

Michael Jordan &
his Father

MJ's father always preferring his elder brother over him, even for small household chores had Jordan furious. So, in order to get his father's approbation, Jordan wanted to surpass Larry.

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

Comparison with 
Clyde Drexler

Jordan openly called Drexler a threat but he hated being compared to the Portland Trail Blazers star, with whom he had numerous battles on the court. 

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

Bone to pick with
BJ Armstrong

Jordan and Armstrong were teammates once but after he went off on the Bulls when he joined the Charlotte Hornets and made fun of them, Jordan attacked him every single game after that.

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

Chicago Bulls vs
Indiana Pacers

Jordan accepts that apart from the Detroit Piatons, it was the Indiana Pacers who gave them the toughest time. It annoyed him that every time he went into that match, he came out all scratched up..

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

Karl Malone's MVP

JJordan's biggest motivating factor entering the 1997 NBA Finals wasn't anything else but Karl Malone winning the 1996-97 MVP title over him.

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

Byron Russell provoked Jordan

When Jordan quit NBA for a while to play baseball, Byron Russell angered him by poking him and saying he could have easily guarded him.

Credit: Youtube/DoubleDuck

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