Michael Jordan's Fadeaway, Allen Iverson's Crossover & Other Iconic Signature Shots in the NBA

Almost all NBA greats have some moves that become their signatures. 

From its Flashiness to the energy and the number of times they pull them off, it automatically becomes associated with them. 

So, here are some NBA legends who perfected some moves that we couldn't call anybody else's.

Tim Duncan's bank shot

If anything can describe Tim Duncan's career in a nutshell, it has to be his bank shot. He used to pull these off so often that fans eventually became bored of it.  The move was very simple and not at all fancy but it proved to be very effective.

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Allen Iverson's Crossover

Many other players go for a crossover but the original specialist was always Iverson.  In fact, he used to do a double crossover, he faked it left then went right, and ended up switching back to the left at the end of the move, which left the defender completely flat-footed. And who doesn't remember the moment he pulled it off in front of Michael Jordan!

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Shaquille O'Neal's Black Tornado

Also known as the drop step, this was a power move that nobody had any way of stopping unless they fouled the big fella. And Shaq's physical attributes made that almost impossible.  Someone would give the ball down low to Shaq, who would back down the defender, spin, and dunk over them.

Credit: Youtube/Shotmechanics

Hakeem Olajuwon's Dream Shake

One of the favorites, this move consists of a combination of fakes and spins that Hakeem perfected over the years. His footwork for a big man was remarkable which helped him pull this off.  Nobody could solve Hakeem.

Credit: Youtube/ClutchPoints

Kareem Abdul- Jabbar's Skyhook

The single most unstoppable move that Kareem used to devastating effect during his 20 years in the league. Many players try hook shots but Kareem's size and technique were second to none. He could shoot it from even mid-range.

Credit: Youtube/Joseph Vincent

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