Michael Jordan's Insane One-Handed Ball Flakes Will Shake You To The Core

Every great player has one iconic move and Michael Jordan used his one-handed ball tricks to play mind games on his opponents. 
This simply showed the difference in skill level between him and his defender and established dominance. 

Here are some of those instances.

Michael Jordan vs Orlando magic

MJ first steals the ball from Peny Hardaway, one hand fakes a shot which automatically gets the defender off his feet and then pulls off another one-hand fake pass to his teammate which distracts the defender to the  other side and leaves Jordan alone to take the easiest jumper.

Credit: Youtube/The Answer

Michael Jordan vs Washington bullets

This one against Brent Rice is probably the most iconic one because Michael Jordan had him going in circles. Rumor has it that Price is still looking for that ball.

Credit: Twitter/HoopMixOnly

Michael Jordan vs Charlotte Hornets

This one is against the Charlotte Hornets, the team he is now the owner of.  and that too against Vlade Divac, who has at times been labeled as Michael Jordan's worst nightmare. Well, doesn't seem like it in this at least....

Credit: Twitter/HoopMixOnly

Michael Jordan vs Atlanta Hawks

Playing mind games with his opponents is one thing but confusing them to a point that they lose their balance through his fakes, is another. This is what Michael Jordan did with Hawks' Cliff Levingston. 

Credit: Twitter/HoopMixOnly

Michael Jordan vs Indiana Pacers

Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller have always been rivals on the court. In fact, Miller has even confessed he would never even team up with MJ if he had the opportunity. So, for Jordan to pull a one-handed fake against Reggie must be a big relief. 

Credit: Twitter/HoopMixOnly

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