Best Michael Jordan Commercials ever 

Michael Jordan has a billion-dollar empire and some of it started back when he started a shoe deal with Nike. 

This meant commercials, his own signature shoe and made him an Athlete turned celebrity. 

here are some of his unforgettable ads if you haven't seen them already!

Jordan Brand
"Failure" (1997)

In the latter part of MJ's career, the focus of his ad campaigns became more motivational and inspirational. And the biggest hit was his "Failure" ad of the Air Jordan 12 campaign.

Credit: Youtube/Anthony Kalamut

Jordan Brand
"Hare Jordan"(1992)

It is this Bugs Bunny-feauting Nike commercial for "Hare Jordans" that kickstarted the iconic Space Jam movie and spawned one of the most popular Air Jordan colorways.

Credit: Youtube/The Hall of Advertising

"be Like Mike" (1992)

Evevrybody already wanted to be like Mike but this Gatorade commercial tried to turn this into a reality with a catch and light-hearted theme song.

Credit: Youtube/bigwayne84

"Larry vs Michael"

We have seen Jordan and Larry Bird battle it out in the NBA plenty of times but what about when they compete for a Big Mac and some fries in an Ad? The result was hilarious.

Credit: Youtube/Justin Briggs

"Take Off"

This is the Nika Air Jordan 1 commercial from which the idea of the Jumpman logo originated. This is about as iconic as it comes.

Credit: Youtube/shahtoosh

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