Michael Jordan's Most Mind Boggling Playoff Games Against Larry Bird, Charles Barkley & Others

Some of Michael Jordan's greatest games are also some of the best NBA games the league has witnessed. 

It is these moments that solidified his place as the goat. 

Onto the list of his top playoff games....

"The Shot": 1989 Eastern Conference First Round, Game 5

This game is famous for the buzzer-beater MJ dropped over to Craig Ehlo to eliminate the Cleveland Cavaliers. He finished the night with 44 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

"A Spectacular Move": 1991 NBA Finals, Game 2

The most famous highlight of this game was Jordan's hand switch move in mid-air. It had Marc Albery screaming, "Oh, a spectacular move by Michael Jordan!"

Credit: Youtube/NBC Sports Chicago

"The Shrug": 1992 NBA Finals, Game 1

Jordan was never known for shooting three's. However, this game proved that he didn't have any weaknesses. He ended up scoring 35 points in the first half and made six three-pointers in that stretch. His gesture after achieving this feat gave it this name.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

"The Showdown": 1993 NBA Finals, Game 4

This is one of the greatest performances in NBA Finals history. MJ locked horns with Charles Barkley and his 55-point performance was just too much for the Phoenix Suns to handle.

Credit: YouTube/The Thrownback

63 Points: 1985 eastern conference, first round, game 2

"The Flu Game": 1997 NBA Finals, game 5


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