Michael Jordan's 'The Last Dance', LeBron James' 'More Than a Game' & Other Must Watch NBA Documentaries

As avid NBA fans, the several legacies and histories created in the league are ones we can only read about. We can only follow the games and players that are prevalent in the league right now but about the past? 

That's where NBA documentaries come along. They help us relive some of these memories on our screens and help us gain more insight and knowledge about that era. 

Here are some NBA docs which are a must watch!


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Without Bias (2009)

After being drafted 2nd overall by the Boston Celtics, Len Bias was one of the most hyped players at the time. However, he never got to play in the league because he tragically passed away in a cocaine overdose just days after the draft. Without Bias covers his story and the events that led to his untimely end.

Credit: Youtube/CubProd

The Last Dance (2020)

This series follows Michael Jordan through his prime season 97-98. And gives the most detailed sneak peek into the most memorable and iconic moments in the NBA. Never heard stories, firsthand accounts, and lots of original footage, this doc won an Emmy for outstanding Documentary series, and rightly so.

Credit: YouTube/ESPN

The Other Dream Team (2012)

Everyone knows about the famous Dream Team. However, the Other Dream Team focuses on another squad of the 1992 Olympics from Lithuania. They could not beat Team USA in the semifinals but their push represented something much bigger. 

Credit: YouTube/Movieclips Indie

More Than a Game (2008)

Before his rise to stardom, LeBron was just another high school kid from Ohio. This movie covers the King before he entered the NBA by taking a closer look at his high school team, where it all began. This follows his highs and lows, along with his four teammates and their struggle with the limelight.

Credit: YouTube/Lionsgate Movies

Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals

This documentary covers two of the most famous players to ever play the game., and also goes over their feud and how they became the superstars that they did. That's not it, this is also about how these two helped bring the NBA back from the brink. A lot has been packed into this one, which is why it's incredible.

Credit: YouTube/Brett Kurowski

The Fab Five (2011)

If college basketball is more your thing, The Fab Five should be too. This documentary is unique as it follows five players, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, and Jimmy King, before they achieved greatness in the league and how they changed the NCAA. 

Credit: YouTube/Jalen TV

Through the Fire (2015)

This one truly stands out because instead of focusing on a high-profile player, it chronicles Sebastian Telfair during his senior year at Brooklyn Lincoln High School. This draws attention to the important decision of going to college or going directly to the NBA.

Credit: YouTube/JCLoZT

Iverson (2014)

Allen Iverson is one of those greats that never got a ring but is still one of the most influential players in the world. This breaks down how AI impacted basketball and the culture altogether. It also shines light on his life. 

Credit: YouTube/IversonTheMovie


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