Most Expensive Fines in NBA  History Slapped on Mark Cuban, Minnesota Timberwolves & Others

Fines are a normal occurance in the world of professional basketball.
They exist to ensure that there are consequences if there's inappropriate behaviour on and off the court.  In fact, this does not only pertain to NBA players but anybody involved in the league. 

However, when it hits the fan, the fine is sky high as well. Let's look at the most expensive fines in NBA history.

 Mark Stevens: $500,000

During the Raptors vs Warriors NBA Finals in 2019, Lowry jumped onto the stands while going after a loose ball. Although Kyle did not land on Stevens, he was still shoved by him and security escorted him out. Not only was the Warriors' co-ownder banned from games for a year, he was slapped with a $500,000 fine.

Credit: Youtube/HNB Media TV

Vladimir Radmanovic: $500,000

Some may consider this a ridiculor reason but the NBA has something against players putting their health in harm's way deliberately. So when Vladimir took part in an extreme sport like snowboarding, he got a $500,000 fine.

Credit: Youtube/jbstrojan

Mark Cuban: $500,000

Cuban does not shy away from putting his thoughts across and has been fined $250,000 on two occasions for criticizing the referee's officiating. The first was in 2001 when Dallas was playing the Pistons and lost. The second was in 2006 after game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Credit: Youtube/Levis Rough Play

Knicks vs nuggets:

In 2006, Nuggets J.R. Smith was fouled by Knicks' Mardy Collins and got into a heated argument after. Before you know it, other players got involved and it turned into a brawl.  All players on the court got suspended, both teams were fined $500,000 each, and seven players were suspended for a total of 47 games.

Credit: Youtube/Rumpel Stiltsky

Minnesota Timberwolves:
 $3.5 million

In 2000, the Timberwolves were found engaging in under the table deals with Joe Smith. Smith accepted a contract that was deemed below his market value in return for a multi-million agreement in the future. This allowed the team to acquire more talented players and when the NBA found out, they were slapped with the biggest fine in the NBA's history.

Credit: Youtube/BSO TV