Most Laughable Chokes The NBA Has Ever Seen: Heat vs Mavericks, Knicks vs Pacers & More


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In almost every postseason, there is one playoff team that lets a perfectly good winning opportunity slip away. 

And thanks to that, we have been witness to some jaw-dropping choke jobs in NBA's history. 

EssentiallySports brings to you some moments that will have you pulling your hair!

Seattle Sonics vs Denver Nuggets

It was an ordinary No. 1 seed vs No. 8 seed matchup, at least at first. Seattle won the first two games after which there was a Domino effect that had the Nuggets win all other games and become the only eighth-seeded team to throw out a first-seeded.

Credit: Youtube/ ginoongkamote

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks

This choke by Miami Heat in 2011 NBA Finals in Game 2 gave the Mavs their first franchise title. The heat had full control until the eight-minute mark. Their lazy defense had Dirk Nowitzki and Terry dropping buckets and rest is history. In fact, Mavs got their revenge against a team who was beating them the past 5 years prior.

Credit: YouTube/ESPN

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Washington Wizards

Gilbert Arenas was on the free-throw line and LeBron came and whispered "You know who is going to make it", into his ear and Arenas ended up missing that kept the Wizards down by 1.  The Cavs eventually won this game and the rest of the first-round series by 4-2.

Credit: YouTube/Highlights Honcho

New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers

Spike Lee is the Knicks' greatest fan and some say the Knicks lost because of him in the 1994 ECF. Reggie Miller heard everything Lee was blurting out from the courtside seat and used it as motivation to demolish NY. Miller rained threes on them and the Pacers won this game and the series too.

Credit: YouTube/dermichaz

Orlando Magic vs Houston Rockets

A career 70% free throw shooter, what could go wrong? Well Anderson had the chance to put game one of the NBA Finals in 1995 away many times but he missed not one, not two, not three but four free throws. He isn't called 'Nick the Brick' just like that and this eventually ruined his career.

Credit: YouTube/Seb P

Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat

The Mavs had won the first two games of the 2006 NBA Finals at home and on their way to win the third. Up by 86-73 and 6 minutes remaining, Dwyane Wade went bonkers and somehow led them to a 98-96 victory, the rest is history.

Credit: YouTube/David Golic


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