Selfie Contest With Lionel Messi for Turkish Airlines, Enjoying a Big Mac in Lakers Jersey and Other Jaw-Dropping Commercials Featuring Kobe Bryant 

Kobe entered the NBA with the perfect credentials and was en route to becoming a marketing juggernaut.
He boasted confidence and talent that was reminiscent of Michael Jordan. 

So, when this Lakers legend passed away, the whole world mourned but we tried to keep him alive in different ways. 

Let's remember some of the most iconic commercials he was a part of.

Adidas: 'The Kobe 2'

When Adidas landed Kobe Bryant straight out of high school on a multi-million dollar contract with a promise of a signature shoe, the three striped brand wasn't as popular as it is now. This was a deal that was unheard but when they came out with the 'Kobe 2' commercial, it created a huge debate whether the dunks in it were even real or not.

Credit: Youtube/DaniBoxx

Sprite: Kobe Bryant vs Tim Duncan

This was before both Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan started piling up championships and accolades. The soda brand pitted the two in this 1998 ad, with Missy Elliot rapping while the two duel it on the court. 

Credit: YouTube/Ryan Van Dusen


One of Kobe's biggest endorsements was with Mcdonald's in 2001. But this commercial hardly makes any sense because why would an athlete be eating a Big Mac in full uniform, in the locker room and prior to a game?

Credit: YouTube/Pranjal Pulkit

Nike: 'Love me or Hate me'

After his contract with Adidas expired, Kobe eventually signed with Nike. But his first ad with them did not air for 2.5 years because of some controversy involving him. So, when it did come out, he addressed all his haters and helped improve his public image, once again.

Credit: YouTube/coolstory87

Nike: 'Most Valuable Puppets'

Nike used the LeBron vs Kobe debate to it's advantage and to hype it up even more, they came out with 'MVP: Most Valuable Puppets'. The two puppets, imitating both stars would brag about their accolades to the other.

Credit: YouTube/alohawarriorchief

Guitar Hero 

In this epic commercial, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk pay homage to Tom Cruise's famous scene in 'Risky Business'. It needs no further introduction...

Credit: YouTube/Matt Handel

Turkish Airlines: 'Kobe vs Messi: The selfie showdown'

Turkish Airlines might not be the most popular endorsement to some but they managed to put two of the most recognizable athletes in one commercial, having an epic selfie face-off around the world.  This ad even won fan votes for the 'ad of the decade'. 

Credit: YouTube/Messi Magic

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