Stephen Curry, Bradley Beal & Other Stars Who Deserve to be on Better Teams Next Season

After witnessing the 2020-21 regular season, one thing has become clearer than ever. 

There are some players who played brilliantly but it seems like they won't be achieving much success with the team they are in. 

So, who are five players that should consider moving to better teams for the next season?

Domantas Sabonis

Apart from Malcolm Brogdon, Sabonis has been the best player on the Indiana Pacers roster. However, the All-Star isn't given enough credit and should be on a team that benefits more from what he brings to the table.

Credit: Twitter/ 4theWin

Karl Anthony Towns

One of the best bigs in the NBA, KAT has played in the playoffs only once in his six-year NBA career with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It looks like he is wasting his prime. Where do you think he should go?

Credit: YouTube/Deeper Sport

De'Aaron Fox

Fox is having a career year this season and arguably should have gotten All-Star recognition as well. While he hasn't been able to carry the Kings to the playoffs, he deserves to have more talent around him. 

Credit: Twitter/The Hoop Network

Bradley Beal

Despite being linked to other teams several times, Beal has remained loyal to the Washington Wizards. One of the best players in the league has failed to achieve playoff success and it's high time he takes the exit.

Credit: Twitter/Deep Hoops Official

Stephen Curry

Since Klay was shelved, the Warriors have been very inconsistent. In fact, fans came up with a 'Free Steph' trend because they want to see him excel else where.

Credit: Twitter/Golden State Warriors


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