Stephen Curry Writing on Shoes, Rajon Rondo's Showering Obsession & Other Bizarre NBA Pre-Game Rituals

Believe it or not, Superstitions are a huge part of sports and have always been linked with the perception of performance. 

However, there are some NBA players who might have taken it too far and indulged in very weird things. 

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Caron Butler's soda addiction and chewing straws

From chugging liters of Mountain Dew before the game that the NBA had to eventually ban, Butler found another odd pre-game ritual which was chewing straws. He even explained why he preferred McDonald's over Burger King's because of its texture and taste until the league also had to ban this quirk.

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Kawhi Leonard occupies female staffers' locker room

Credit: Youtube/REBOUND

After a successful championship run in 2018-19, disturbing news about Kawhi Leonard's behind-the-scenes before came into the light where he preferred some private time in the girls' locker room before a game and his training team used to oblige.  Disturbing, isn't it?

Monta Ellis peeling out skin

This is probably the weirdest one ever. After an injury in his fingers, Ellis found different ways to recover from it. And one way was dipping his hands in wax to make his hands warm and remove all the dead skin. This eventually became something he did before every game.

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Rajon ROndo Takes five showers

It started back when he joined his idol Kevin Garnett in the Celtics. Kevin himself had a strange pre-game ritual of headbutting the stanchion and taught Rondo the importance of these rituals. So, Rondo took upon taking five showers which were timed and planned.  This is because he did his best thinking in the shower.

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Jason Terry pajama's

Talking about getting into the rivals' minds before the game, Jason Terry found a way to do it that worked for him. He liked to sleep in the rival team's shorts before their game and he liked them to be authentic. While some would consider this disrespectful,  he is the one with one championship.

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Stephen Curry Tunnel Shot and writing on shoes

What started off with a bet ended up becoming a pregame ritual where Steph would take on the challenge of shooting from the tunnel to the basket. However, thanks to his mother, he also picked up the habit of writing on his shoes before games. Will we all start shooting like Curry if we do this?  Worth a try!

Credit: Youtube/REBOUND

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