The Second Richest NBA Player After Michael Jordan? HINT! It's Not LeBron James or Stephen Curry

One of the most successful players in the NBA, Michael Jordan, is bound to found himself on the wealthiest players list. And in fact, tops that list. 

However, anybody would be shocked if they were to find out that next on that list after him aren't LeBron James or Stephen Curry. Steph still has a while to go before he reaches here, even though there is no doubt that he will. 

But let's look at 11 former or current richest NBA players of 2021!

11 (tie). Dwyane Wade Net Worth $170 million

In his more than half a decade in the NBA, Dwyane Wade made more than $196 million, most of which in his time with the Miami Heat. Although Converse and Jordan previously endorsed him, he now gets $12 million a year from the Chinese company Li-Ning. His wife alone, who is an actress, is worth $40 million.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

11 (tie). Kevin Durant Net Worth $170 million

From playing for a lot of teams, KD has established himself as one of the greatest scorers the league has ever seen. In this duration, he has bagged $246 million in his career so far and will be baking $40.9 million more in the upcoming season. Even his shoe contract with Nike makes him $26 million. 

Credit: YouTube/X X X

9. Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth $200 million

Hakeem ended up earning nearly $100 million in his prolific career as an NBA player. Initially he had an endorsement deal with Spalding which wasn't as big a moneymaker as it could have been because he wanted these shoes to be available for lower and middle-class kids. Ever since he retired back in 2001-02, his wealth has continued to grow.

Credit: YouTube/NBATop10

8. David Robinson Net Worth $200 million

Robinson's Hall of Fame career helped him earn $110.7 million and if that wasn't enough, he even started up his very own two private equity firms. 

Credit: YouTube/NBATop10

7. Grant Hill Net Worth  $250 million

Despite all injury issues, Grant Hill played in the NBA for almost two decades and was even elected for the Hall of Fame in 2018. After making more than $140 million in the league, he now gets the big bucks being a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. 

Credit: YouTube/NBA Greats Top 10

5 (tie). Vinnie Johnson Net Worth $400 million

There is no doubt Vinnie Johnson, popularly known as, The Microwave, had plenty of success, winning two NBA championships with the Detroit Pistons. But he is one of those who earned far more after his career. The majority of his wealth comes from being the owner of the Pistons group.

Credit: YouTube/Veoshockv !! 

5 (tie). Shaquille O'Neal Net Worth $400 million

One of the most dominant players in the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal made more than $285 million as a player but his post-career earnings deserve applause. From endorsements for Pepsi, Burger King, Reebok, and others, to a hefty salary for his work on TBS' "Inside the NBA". 

Credit: YouTube/NBATop10

4. LeBron James Net Worth $500 million

It's only a matter of time before LeBron becomes a billionaire. He has made more than $340 million in the NBA. His shoe deal with Nike is approximately worth over $1 billion and even got $30 million from Apple when they purchased Beats by Dre back in 2014 in which he had a 1% stake. Combining his salary, endorsements/investments, he is making more than $100 million currently per year.

Credit: YouTube/Bleacher Report

2 (tie). Junior Bridgeman Net Worth $600 million

Bridgeman did not have the elitest career as a player but his earnings after his retirement are exceptional. His wealth came mostly from owning Wendy's and chilli, which he ended up selling in 2016.  But since then, he became a bottler for Coca-Cola and even bought Ebony magazine. 

Credit: YouTube/LamarMatic

2 (tie). Magic Johnson Net Worth $600 million

It will seem unreal but Magic Johnson only made less than $40 million in his dominant carrer. But he found his way into the business world to earn more. Now, Magic Johnson Enterprises is worth more than $1 billion and he is also part of the ownership group of Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Credit: YouTube/NBATop10

1. Michael Jordan Net Worth $2.2 billion

Michael Jordan has turned his basketball acumen into a multi-million dollar enterprise. After making over $90 million as a player, he now earns $130 million a year from Nike because of the "Air Jordan" brand. Not only does he own the Charlotte Hornets, but also 23XI racing with NASCAR star Denny Hamlin.

Credit: YouTube/NBATop10

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