Times Michael Jordan was injured but still refused to  back down

There isn't anything Michael Jordan wouldn't do to get a win. Even if it meant powering through injuries. 

The Chicago Bulls legend is known as the GOAT for a reason and here are some of the instances that make that case for him. 

Broken Left Foot

In his second season, Jordan broke a small bone in his left foot after he took a hard fall against the Warriors. He missed 64 games, the most in his career. While recovering, he went to his alma mater in North Carolina to play pickup and showed no signs of illness. Right after this, he forced the Bulls to return to court and scored 63 points on his first game back against the Celtics.

Credit: Youtube/TeamFlightBrothers

Wrist injury

In the 93 season, the Bulls faced a lot of adversity and although MJ's wrist didn't require surgery, it did need a cast. But he played through it  despite being in tremendous pain to clinch their three peat

Credit: Youtube/Uncut Hoops


Who doesn't know about the famous flu game of the 1997 NBA Finals? The Bulls were up against Utah Jazz in Game 5 and MJ had major flu symptoms. However, he summoned an energy never seen before and won the game. He finished the night with a whopping 38 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and a clutch three-pointer to ice the game.

Credit: Youtube/MJ23 His Airness Forever

Broken Finger

The Bulls were the oldest team in the league, on top of which Jordan suffered a broken finger on his shooting hand. He described getting this injury through a cheap cigar cutter. But his stats were still at their peak and showed no signs of slowing down.

Credit: Youtube/Uncut Hoops

knee injury

MJ had a torn cartilage in that knee but was still averaginf 22 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds. Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady were the only other two putting up such numbers. Even the next year, Jordan's knee problems continued but he was still one of the best even at the age of 39.

Credit: Youtube/Nobody Touches Jordan

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