LeBron James Wearing the Kermit Drinking Tea Hat, Calling Out Those Who Bashed Space Jam 2, & Other Ways He Trolled His Haters

As many fans LeBron James has, he has some haters waiting to scrutinize everything he does. 

But LeBron might be one of the greatest players of all time and is also the most vocal. 

So, there have been moments bron has made some subtle punches at his haters. 

Check it out!

"He Won't do it in the west"

For 15 years of his career, Bron played for teams in the Eastern Conference. So, his haters got the opportunity to point out that his greatness is limited to the East. But here we are, LBJ won his fourth ring with the Lakers and was even Finals MVP. After this, the superstar addressed these comments in front of the media and claimed he has already proven his worth.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

Kermit drinking tea hat

Back in the 2016 NBA Finals, the Cavs were down 3-1 against the Warriors and the hate started to pour in on social media. But the Cavs were able to force a Game 7 and after it LBJ was seen wearing a Kermit drinking tea hat, which in the meme world implies "none of my business." Savage much?

Credit: Youtube/GD's Latest Highlights


When LeBron was entering his 17th season, people assumed it was time to see his decline and #WashedKing began trending on social media. But Bron made his statement after he posted about his vicious dunk on Nemanja Bjelica back in 2009 with a caption that insinuated that he went easy on Nemanja, it could have been a lot worse along with the hashtag.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

Rant against haters on IG

When Bron made his comeback to the Cavs after winning titles with Miami Heat, nobody thought he would be winning with his hometown and when he did, Bron posted a long rant under the picture with the Larry O'Brien Trophy, shutting down all critics.

Credit: Youtube/T Schopps

Silences Space Jam Haters

LeBron isn't new to Hollywood but when the sequel of Space Jam, starring him, came out, critics were quick to bash the film and said it would never be as good as MJs. But when it surpassed Marvel's 'Blackwidow' in the Box office, Bron had nothing to say but dropped the news on Twitter which read 'Hi Haters!'. 

Credit: Youtube/Movie Coverage

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