‘You’re Crazy’: Don Cheadle Reveals How It Was Working Alongside LeBron James in Space Jam New Legacy

Published 07/22/2021, 1:52 PM EDT
LeBron James attends Harlem’s Fashion Row at Capitale on September 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/WireImage)

LeBron James is arguably the best player in the NBA right now. 18 years since he made his debut, LBJ has always been one of the biggest names in the league, and given his stature has been pretty active off the court as well.

One of his biggest off-screen projects is the recently released movie Space Jam New legacy. The second installment to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam released in 1996, New Legacy is a much awaited movie for basketball fans all-around the world.

Don Cheadle speaks about working alongside LeBron James

Given the wild success Michael Jordan‘s Space Jam had, expectations are pretty high on the LeBron James’ starrer. Just like the original, the movie stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood, in this case it was Don Cheadle.

Cheadle is supposedly the antagonist of the movie is one of the most critically acclaimed actors right now. The revered actor recently sat for an interview with the Undefeated. There the actor spoke about how it was working alongside LeBron.

“It was a lot of fun especially you know as far as it goes with LeBron because he’s a great dude. We really connected, really hit it off….We were doing 12-14-hour days on a movie….”

Cheadle then spoke about how the 4-time MVP used to put the work in between the shoots. “But you know he’d have to sometimes go to you know training before we’d start rehearsal and practice…. I think like three quarters the way through he looks to me he’s like, ‘why did I say yes to this?'”


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The veteran actor also spoke about how the Lakers’ superstar was indeed more of an actor and not a novice in the set. “He’s just there as an actor it wasn’t his first go-round you know obviously he was in train wreck… This was the biggest role for him for sure but it wasn’t like he was a complete newbie coming on to the set.”

Space Jam New Legacy has got off to an incredible start in the box office. In its first weekend, the movie has earned a whooping $31 million and has become toppled Marvel’s Black Widow for the top spot. Who do you think should feature in Space Jam 3?

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