When A Retired Michael Jordan Schooled an Arrogant Chicago Bulls Rookie

On many occasions, some NBA players have admitted to being the best, even when they weren't. 

While the confidence is applaudable, it comes with a small price when shown at the wrong place at the wrong time.

That too against the GOAT, Michael Jordan. And Corey Benjamin had the bear the brunt of it too!

Corey Benjamin's rise to stardom

After attending Fontana High School, it didn't take long for Corey to become a star. Scoring 27 points a game in his senior year, he managed to make it to the prestigious McDonald All American Games. Some even labeled him as a young MJ.

Credit: Youtube/ Rumpel Stiltsky

1999 Michael Jordan's second retirement

When MJ had retired from the league for the second time, Randy Brown was once on the phone with him during practice. It was then, a young naive Corey challenged Jordan to one-on-one and MJ heard it loud and clear.

Credit: YouTube/TwoThreeForever

Jordan taught him a lesson

Next thing they know, MJ turned up at the practice and took up Corey's challenge. Jordan dropped buckets left and right and destroyed him. 

Credit: Youtube/TwoThreeForever

Trash Talked before leaving

After their face-off, Jordan put Corey back in his place and said, "Don't call me out of retirement for that shit again." He proved he doesn't have to do this every time a player thinks he is better than the GOAT.

Credit: Youtube/TwoThreeForever


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