When NBA Legends Reggie Miller, Dominique Wilkins & Others Recalled Moments in Which Michael Jordan Destroyed Them

Michael Jordan is the GOAT for a reason and there is hardly anyone from his era that hasn't had to face his wrath one way or the other. 

But let's hear it from some legends themselves, stories about how MJ demolished them.

Grant Hill

In his last year playing in Orlando, MJ and Grant Hill go face to face. And Grant was having his way with him defensively by blocking his shots. But a month later, Grant receives news that his ankle injury meant he was done but he wanted to play against Jordan one last time. And MJ ended up giving him 20 points in one quarter by running the same play again and again.

Credit: Youtube/BTM Basketball Time Machine

Reggie Miller

It was Reggie's rookie year and he was playing during the preseason and he ended up being pitted against MJ's Chicago Bulls. Miller ends up trash talking Jordan at the time Reggie had 12 points and MJ had 2, by the end, MJ had 35 and Reggie was still at 12.

Credit: Youtube/BTM Basketball Time Machine

Dominique Wilkins

While we all know these two legends went head to head in the Slam Dunk Contents but Wilkins experienced what MJ was like in the locker room. One night, MJ walked into his locker room and said 'Lace him up. It's going to be a long night.' And he ended up with 60 points in that game. 

Credit: Youtube/BTM Basketball Time Machine

Rex Chapman

Michael Jordan and Rex Chapman were always friends but they also had their ups and downs. This one time Rex beat the Bulls that had MJ furious. The next time they met on the court, during the jump ball, MJ hit Rex right on his chest.

Credit: Youtube/BTM Basketball Time Machine

Ray Allen

During his Rookie season, Ray Allen's coach Chris Ford was shouting at him to get in front of MJ but he was gliding past him and scoring. So, when MJ caught Ford hammering Ray Allen after it, he said Ray was doing a good job. At the same time, he had 45 points.

Credit: Youtube/BTM Basketball Time Machine

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