Worst Playoff Performances By LeBron James Against Stephen Curry, Dirk Nowitzki & Others

LeBron JAmes' Playoff Mode is considered unbeatable but that's not the case every time. 

Over his storied career, the superstar has hit slumps and performed badly as well. Let's look at some of those moments for a minute!


Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks: 2010-11 NBA FInals

The expectations from Heat were sky high but his defeat against Dirk Nowitzki-led Mavericks was followed by a lot of criticism. The Heat were '-24' in plus/minus while he was on the floor.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors: NBA finals, game 4, 2017-18

After losing to the Warriors in 2017, the Cavs were expected to do better this time against Stephen Curry. But Bron's worst one was Game 4 and they were swept in four straight games. 

Credit: Youtube/House of Highlights

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics: Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3, 2017

When LeBron James scores just 11 points in a game, it has to be one of the worst performances of his career. That too in a crucial conference finals series.

Credit: Twitter/Slam Dunk

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers: Eastern conference finals, game 5, 2013-14

If anything can top his 11 point worst performance, it's his pathetic 7 point performance against a team they should have had a clean sweep against.

Credit: Twitter/Allen Wang

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston celtics: Eastern conference semifinals, Game 5, 2009-10


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